The New iPhone 9s Is Going To Rock Your Boat Off!

iPhone 9

A concept design of Apple iPhone 9s.

iPhones 9! We are going to love it!

Ever since Apple had initially introduced the iPhone and up until now, people have been witched by the craze, and it has not and will not die down anytime soon. With various rumors circling around on various Internet forums about the new and very much awaited iPhone 9, our insider experts filter through the trash and offer you the real deal: The three biggest changes you will find in the new iPhone 9.

 No More Cables While Charging Your Phone!

There is nothing more annoying and dreading to a user than having to untangle their charging devices every single time they try and use them and as if the devil were dabbling with them, even if you manage to untangle them, they manage to screw up in another way: Either by the connection being too weak and you having to adjust the cable constantly or even worse; They charge your phone, but your battery dies within an hour!
With the development of modern technology, that will no longer be the case!
The new iPhone 9s will be using sunlight to charge itself up; Yes, you have heard us right, sunlight!
Scientists have developed so-called ‘smart fibers’ which will allow the user to BECOME THE BATTERY ITSELF, you will be the one collecting and storing energy for your iPhone 9s!

1) Thinner Is Better And More Flexible

There is no point in lying to you; thinner is not only more visually pleasing but it also allows for a better user experience as it doesn’t drag the user down with its colossal weight (looking at you Nokia!).
But an even more interesting and far more exciting change will have to be the fact that we will have bendable phones!
Not only will they provide you with another way of entertaining yourself while on the bathroom, but they may also be pivotal in the help of reducing damage in the dreaded case scenario of your phone falling down the stairs!

2) The iPhones Are Taking Over Reality!

Not in the apocalyptic, Terminator kind of way, but in the visually stunning and graphic enchanting kind of way, the one we prefer: holograms!
Yes! Holograms will actually become a reality in the near future, you will be able to feel like a commander on a spaceship with the new iPhone 9s!
The way this will work is still a secret but it is rumored that there will be the use of holographic cells which will play with our eyes to create the amazing holographic experience we have all dreamed of seeing!

We will have to wrap it up for now, as other small titbits of information we have in our storage are unconfirmed and from sources, we simply cannot trust. Looking at these three new amazing changes, one thing can be said for sure, the future is looking very, very bright and full of apples and phones!

But this is not all, not even close, check out this video down bellow to see more features of the Apple iPhone 9s:


iPhone 9 is the probable name with regard to the product — it has not been verified by Apple — however, it appears to be typically the most rational option for a major update. There is constantly a chance that Apple will name it something different or make 2018 the year it moves aside from a numbered iPhone naming system. Quck recap of iPhones names in the last 3 years:
  • Year 2015 – iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus
  • Year 2016 – iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus
  • Year 2017 – iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus

Work on the 2018 iPhone is claimed to be having place in Israel, and some reports indicates workers at the center are labeling it “iPhone 9,” however it carries on to be uncertain as to whether or not that’s the real name Apple will head out with.

Apple is furthermore rumored to be planning to create an overall 3 iPhone versions in 2018, further more challenging the possible naming scheme. As a couple of these products could possibly be identical in design to the current iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus, available together with the flagship OLED type, several gossips suggest they might be known as the “iPhone 8s” and an “iPhone 8s Plus.” In that circumstance, we’d have a iPhone 8s, and also iPhone 8s Plus, and an iPhone 9 or some different label like iPhone X or iPhone Pro.


Regarding the iPhone 9, Apple is rumored to be preparing to shift aside from the aluminum body which it’s been utilizing since 2012 in a great effort to separate the iPhone from the products that have arrive ahead of it. Apple is predicted to rather re-adopt the exact glass-backed body previous used for the iPhone 4s. The glass is much more sensitive and heavier compared to aluminum, but several improvements have been designed in glass technologies and components like Gorilla Glass are more durable than ever, which might help avoid breakage.Several rumors have advised there will certainly be 3 types of the iPhone: a “expensive” OLED design and two regular LCD devices, along with sizes that might include 4.7, 5.8 in . (OLED), as well as 5.5 inches. Although one design (the high-end OLED gadget) will function a glass body, rumors argue on exactly what the additional two models will be built out of.

In accordance to KGI Securities expert Ming-Chi Kuo, who has contributed with many precise rumors about Apple’s style plans previously, all 3 iPhones will certainly feature the very same glass-bodied style, along with glass rather of aluminum utilized for the body of the product. Kuo also is convinced a stainless steel framework will be applied in the more expensive iPhone, while less costly models might get an aluminum framework, however he feels all 3 versions will use glass.

Taiwanese source chain, has likewise forecasted Apple will choose a glass body along with a stainless steel frame for enhanced durability in the iPhone 9. The particular iPhone 4 and 4s, created with a glass backside, also utilized a stainless steel body.


The iPhone 9 may possibly offer an IP68 water resistance status, an enhancement above the IP67 accreditation gained from the iPhone 7 and also the iPhone 7 Plus. Like the Samsung Galaxy S7, that is likewise IP68 licensed, the iPhone 9 may possibly be capable to endure 1.5 meters of water for approximately 30 minutes while additionally providing full dirt protection.This means it will certainly carry on to hold up to splashes and short engagement in water, nevertheless clients should continue to make an effort avoiding water as Apple’s iPhone 7 assurance does not include water deterioration and it’s most likely the iPhone 9 warranty will certainly also leave out water damage.


It’s too soon for iPhone 9 aspect leaks, however, numerous creative designers have created mockups and models visualizing what the iPhone 9 may look like primarily based on existing rumors.

While several of the styles consist of bizarre ideas that Apple is not likely to be integrated in the iPhone 9, the graphics and videos offer us a good concept of what exactly an edge-to-edge screen with an built-in Home button may look like.


At the very least one iPhone 9 product is anticipated to contain a flexible OLED screen and Apple has currently authorized a deal with Samsung to create OLED displays for products set to first appear in 2017.

Samsung will supply Apple with an approximated 160 mil OLED displays to be utilized for that rumored 5″ OLED iPhone. That will represent around 80% of all the panels utilized for the product, and although some other firms like AU Optronics, Japan Display are focusing on OLED displays, they will not be prepared for manufacturing until 2019, which means Apple will be required to depend greatly on Samsung in 2018.

An OLED screen removes the necessity for the backlighting that is utilized in standard LCDs, that would permit Apple to reduce the size and weight of the screen utilized in the product. OLED screens can easily be flexible, however, it seems like Apple is considering to utilize a flat 2.5D screen in the iPhone 9.

OLED screens provide much better contrast rate, truer colors, enhanced viewing sides, far better power efficiency to increase battery, and a quicker reaction time compared to an LCD for quicker refresh rates. On the drawback, OLED screens terribly lack the lifespan of an LCD screen and they’re far more vulnerable to water deterioration, two problems Apple will certainly need to get over. Apple currently utilizes OLED screen in the Apple Watch.

Oled Display

Apple Watch With Oled Display

A12 Processor

TSMC has started to tape out the layout for the A12 processor chip created on a 10-nanometer process, finishing the 1st phases of the design that is probably meant for the 2018 iPhone. Documentation regarding the 10-nanometer process is anticipated to be attained in late 2017, with the very first 10-nanometer chips delivered to Apple for approval throughout the first quarter of 2018. TSMC has supposedly secured all requests for the A12 chip.

An A12 processor chip, much like all of Apple’s chip enhancements, will become both quicker and more energy efficient, additionally to being smaller sized.

Release date

Over the last numerous years, Apple has launched its iPhone upgrades in September, so we anticipate to see the fresh collection released in September of 2018. Although Apple could debut its iPhones in Sept, at the very least one type — the high-end OLED product — might not go on sale till later on that year. Japanese site has stated that the iPhone 9 may possibly launch “very much” behind because of to the change to an OLED display and the new technologies needed. In that situation, we’d see the release of an iPhone 8s and 8s Plus in Sept as planned, along with the higher-end iPhone 9 arriving soon after in the year.

Apple providers already are gearing up to begin producing parts for the iPhone 9. Foxconn is building both glass casings and OLED screens in an effort to acquire purchases from apple.